1) 10 Level Riches

As all of you know, our initial team are all members of 10LevelRiches as this was the first program we joined together as a Team.  We should all be fully aware of this wonderful opportunity and all the benefits that go along with actively and continuously building our downline in 10LevelRiches.  Also be aware that there are additional phases which will be added at a later date.  If you are not yet a member of 10LevelRiches, you need to contact me immediately.  If you are a member but not under the TeamSuccess "umbrella", you need to contact me immediately.  weareteamsuccess@gmail.com

As part of our Expansion and Advancement Project, we are asking ALL members to step up and join us in two new and exciting opportunities that have been carefully studied and found to be of tremendous value to our team.


This is a well thought out and structured PASSIVE PROGRAM that offers the following features:
>> A DP AdPack costs $15 and entitles you to 2000 ad credits which can be used for both     Banner and Text Ad promotions.

>> Absolutely no sponsoring is required to earn here and members are paid ( at present )         approximately 4% daily on each AdPack.

>> Those who do want to sponsor can make a nice income with this as there is a 5 Level         Referral System.

>> Members receive a 250% ROI and can compound their earnings into more AdPacks and     essentially continuously and progressively earn more and more money with this program.

This program is well structured and we believe it to be a very good FEEDER PROGRAM which will generate money passively (amount depends on initial investment and time spent compounding) for you to invest in other ventures out-of-profit rather than out-of-pocket.

Full details can be found HERE: http://dailypayer.com
Please note: DO NOT sign up from this link.  It was simply intended for you to gather more information about the opportunity.  If you sign up from that link, you will NOT be eligible to receive signups from the new members of the Team.


We call it a secret because it has not even been revealed to the public as yet however, we have been able to secure a TOP position in the very head of this residual Matrix based program from which we will be building ...OUR FUTURE.

Full details of this opportunity cannot be released as yet as all programming is being done now. We can say with utmost certainty however, that this is THE PROGRAM to join of all that we have seen for various reasons and we are starting a huge team build for this program.

Here is some information that we could share at this time:

>>> Direct access. We need someone who we can trust and to whom we have Direct             access, should we need any help with a member or a position or a payment etc.  This will     be taken care of directly and immediately in this opportunity.

>>> We need to crawl before we walk...We wanted to keep cost down while we build         trust and confidence in members.  All we care about right now is that ALL members make     money and are treated fairly.

The program is actually split into two 2x10 matrices which is perfect for us..The first is $11 monthly which pays out $2,139/month when full and a $35 monthly which pays out $9,991 per month when full.
We will enter the $11 per month first

ALWAYS bear in mind that....THESE ARE BIG FIGURES BUT YOU DO NOT GET THAT UNTIL THE MATRIX IS FULL...so you will make money..but not that amount right away..let's keep it real.

>>> We are at the very head of a true company wide forced matrix..We are not considering spillover at all but if you are at the head you get spillover, if you are lower down, the matrix is too wide so you generally get none.

We guarantee you that this first position is in the very head (founders position) in both the $11 and $35 matrices..and we therefore build right from the head of the matrix rather than being somewhere lost much further down (which usually happens in other programs).

>>> MUCH THOUGHT and consideration went into this matrix to make it as different as can be and all those who join us will never regret this move.  When full details are released, you will see the difference.

>>> The program owner is honest and wants this to work so badly that the top spot of each matrix..the very first company matrix that will make in excess of $10,000/month, right from the very start, he has allocated those funds to go into company-wide paid advertising so our matrix will get $10,000 worth of paid advertising every single month...free to us...but we will certainly get the benefit...This just does not happen normally.

>>> Let's keep this real though.  It is still a matrix that we will have to build but it has all the ingredients to allow us to put all our efforts into this and make it work for us....6 members under you and your monthly fee is paid (very doable).

Further details cannot be released at this time except to say that we will probably start entering this wonderful opportunity in late August - early September, 2011