The right opportunity is a must but equally as important is the right system to make this opportunity work for us.

Our Team is evolving and we are adopting a very realistic and structured approach in order to provide our members' maximum benefit.

*Everyone must make money.  End of story.
*Everyone must benefit in some way when it comes to one of the  programs  

*Everyone must see a realistic plan forward that will lead to real results in a reasonable amount of time.

How are we going to achieve this ?

1) We are creating a FOUNDING MEMBERS category of 100 - 120 members.

This will comprise our ENTIRE 10LevelRiches DOWNLINE...Yes, you are all Founding Members of our Team as long as you secure your position by entering our Main Opportunity that we have selected.
Some very exciting and lucrative times are ahead for all of you who continue on with us.

All other members after our Founders will enter our programs after and start to fill everyone's downlines.

2) We are offering you our OPTIONAL PASSIVE PROGRAM as a Feeder.

Those that are already in various passive programs know how powerful these program can be if done right and if the right program is selected.

Our motive behind having you join this program is to have you earning money on a daily basis which, over the first month or two, would start setting you up financially to be able to offset all of the money from our main program and even put you into profit

Your investment money, therefore, comes out of profit rather than out of pocket.

The Passive program that we have selected is called DailyPayer (DP)

Those that want to be in the Main Program but want to be excluded from DP can now do so freely as long as you understand the disadvantages of doing so.

DISADVANTAGES OF NOT JOINING DP - Apart from NOT earning a passive daily income that will give you the start up money to join any online program within a month, there are two more to consider:

>>You will be excluded from any referrals that come into our team that do join DP...that's         obvious.

>> When we join our second passive program later on, you will not be allowed to share in         the distribution of signups among each other until all the existing DP members have done     so and receive their share of signups, but you are free to enter after that.

ADVANTAGES OF JOINING...Despite the monetary aspect indicated above, each founding member who has/will join DP before we get into the main program will be documented and ALL future DP signups will be distributed solely between members of this group...equally.

NOTE: If new team members are already members of DP, they will be exempt from this part of our program.

3)  Founding members will enter the Main Program in a special way to
     maximize our success

From our current team, we will select the best promoters and leaders and place them first in the matrix. This will be so important as it will ensure that their efforts benefit all members who come later on in the matrix.
This structured building of the matrix alone will make a significant impact.

5) Coping with the matrix

Once we enter the $11 matrix, the founders enter first just as planned. We then continue building until we reach a pre-determine position in the matrix.

At this stage, all the ones at the top will be benefiting and all the ones at the bottom will be wondering what's in it for them....Normally this is where everything unravels and collapses.... but not with TeamSuccess!

At this point, we will stop taking in new members (they go on a waiting list) and our entire team enters the $35 matrix (of the same program) but in the reverse order..so the last one in the $11 matrix becomes the first to enter in the $35 matrix .

We will systematically do this until every member is back in but in the reverse order..so everyone benefits ...no one is left out....some benefit more in the $11 matrix while others benefit more in the $35 matrix.

NOTE: At this point, our second passive program will be introduced We already have it  earmarked and are testing it. It promises to be another winner  as people are already talking about it.

Here is where your consideration of whether to join DP at the beginning comes into play  as ONLY members who joined DP initially will be able to enter this program.

ALSO, again, to be fair, the members who came under the founders in DP initially will now join this first new program first and the founders will join under these people...can't get any fairer than that !

Those who realized that they made a mistake by not joining DP can then join this new passive program, but only after the above mentioned process has taken place...All new members to join our team after this, will then be invited to join as well.

5) Longevity Strategy

At this stage, ALL we ask of each member is to find just 1 person a month to bring into this program..just 1 and your job is done for the month.

This is so simple yet so powerful that you will never know.

At this stage in the matrix..if everyone brings in just one member, the entire team will grow by 1 level each month and will push more and more members into more and more profit in both matrixes every month.

6) Backup/ Alternative/ Additional Strategy

We are already looking at one more matrix that we can flip the downline one last time and enter ( if needed )

This final matrix pays $1000 WEEKLY for just a downline on 120 members and so once it passes all of our tests over the coming months, this might be the perfect matrix to finally do one last flip and skyrocket everyone's earnings.

You all have something real and genuine here whether you choose to see this or not.  All those reading this right now have the opportunity to JOIN US RIGHT NOW 

Please also remember that all of the above is in addition to building our original downline in 10LevelRiches as all new members will be invited to join us in that opportunity as well.
No one loses with TeamSuccess.
Join us and finally be part of something real!