Understanding DailyPayer

DailyPayer is an online advertising program and seeks to provide its members a good platform to advertise their businesses/programs. DailyPayer has access to a team of experienced individuals with complementary expertise in programming, business, marketing and advertising. We know what the market wants/needs in terms of affordable and responsive advertising, especially the small to medium business owners and work-from-home marketers, and our aim is to fill that need.

DailyPayer Attractive AND Innovative Perpetual Income Distribution System
To participate in DailyPayer Income Distribution System, a member needs to purchase at least one DP Ad Pack at a cost of only $15 each. Currently, you can buy a minimum of ONE(1) DP Ad Pack and up to a maximum of TWO HUNDRED(200) DP Ad Packs. We will increase this to higher amounts as we go along.

Let me give you an example so you will understand how it works.

DP is split into DPA and DPB
DPA pays a fixed 2.5% a day on $10
DPB pays anywhere from 8-14% on the remaining $5

The net result is that you basically earn $0.65 on each position per day..and that has been stable throughout.

So with 5 positions, that's $3.25 a day for basically doing nothing

Where people falter with these programs is in the understanding of what to do next.  There are 3 roads to travel...

1) Your positions CAP at 250% which means that you can basically just keep withdrawing and you will eventually make 2.5 times more than you invested.  That's a waste of time in my view and not what I consider making money.

2) Let the $3.25 that you receive build for the next 4-5 days  and when you reach $15 balance, you reinvest in another position.  You now have 6 positions and you'll get $3.90 a day which means that you could reach another $15 to reinvest, that much quicker.  Then you keep repeating the process until you reach the point where you have enough positions to be able to withdraw money daily while still re-investing enough to keep the system turning over everyday.

That's the correct thing to do...BUT, you have to realize that you are not going to make any real money for the first month or so, while you build your positions.  Of course the benefits are much greater.

3) Fast track...buy more positions right away which is a greater initial investment but it means your daily payout is much greater, which means you are able to compound more positions much quicker, which means you are able to reach the stage described above much sooner!  That's what I do and it never fails...but not everyone is willing or able to do that.

Whichever selection you chose, you make money.  It's just a matter of how much and how quick.