Vicki & Jerry Vannoy

Nina -- If you weren't already so busy, I would write your name in as the next Presidential candidate.  But, your grassroots effort to help us all affect our own financial futures is far more important to our membership!  Thank you for this update.  Something about your writing, astonishing energy, and the way you make time for everybody... well, Jerry and I believe.  The way you explain the team concept makes such good sense.  We're proud to be part of this.  We're excited.  And we're daring to hope that we will be able to help not only ourselves make an income, but lots of others as well.  We've all been needing Team Success.

Smiles and thanks,
~ Vicki and Jerry ~

Lee Marrow

Hi Nina,

I'm really getting excited about TeamSuccess especially after your
email on the 15th! 
I have seen on several exchanges the page with your photo and
a team member. How do I get mine?  I'm chomping at the bit here!

To Our Success!

Lee Marrow